Education And Community Outreach

As an organization, the Wheeling Symphony Society believes that arts programming is a critical component to a well-rounded education, and therefore has a strong commitment to education outreach initiatives such as the Artist In Residence Program, the Young People’s Concert Tour and the Wheeling Symphony Youth Orchestra. Furthermore, we believe that we have an obligation to serve all students, especially those who have limited exposure to the arts due to socio-economic and/or geographic barriers.

Our organization operates our educational outreach programs on the premise that experiencing the arts at a young age will inspire a life-long appreciation for and participation in the arts. Statistics support our ideals and indicate that students’ participation in arts programming raises standardized test scores and reduces the risk of violence among emotionally at-risk youth.

Arts education and appreciation are important in sustaining an cultured, productive, and happy community. The WSO’s takes education outreach and extends it beyond the typical K-12 parameters in such offerings as the Masterworks Concert Talk Series, special ensemble performances, the College Concert Series, and unique festival activities.

Young People’s Concert Anniversary

2017 will mark the 80th anniversary of the Wheeling Symphony’s Young People’s Concerts. Now a week-long Tour, the concerts provide elementary school students and teachers with the great opportunity to experience high quality, age-appropriate symphonic programming.

The Wheeling Symphony does its best to make the YPC Tour more than simply entertainment, but an educational experience as well. To that end, Teacher’s Guides and CDs are provided to participating schools in advance of the concerts. Created and distributed by the WSO, these free materials allow teachers to better prepare students for the concert while maximizing the educational and entertainment value of the program.

The YPC Tour includes eight performances and will reach an audience of more than 4,500. Since the concerts cast a wide net geographically, they promote a positive message about the Wheeling Symphony and classical music in general.


WSO on the Go

In 2016, WSO on the GO was established to increase the visibility of and gain new audiences for Wheeling Symphony concerts with ensemble performances in interesting locations throughout our region.  Through this program, the Wheeling Symphony has been able to showcase the versatility of the talented musicians in the orchestra to our friends and neighbors throughout the Ohio Valley.  Because of the generous support of our sponsors and donors, including WSO on the GO Title Sponsor McKinley Carter Wealth Services, all concerts are free to the public to entice and encourage new audiences to become long-time supporters.