Duo Quintessence

Hailing from opposite sides of the Atlantic, Andy and Megan met in 2011 and have since become not only husband and wife, but also leading headline entertainers.  With a shared passion for both performing and each other, they have now established themselves as professional aerial and adage couple, Duo Quintessence.  As their name implies, the show they have created together is truly the epitome of “WOW” entertainment.  Beginning their performance careers as dancers, they have utilized their diverse training and musicality to distinguish themselves from other similar acts.  Their cirque-style production showcases unbelievable feats of strength and flexibility expertly interwoven with elegant displays of artistic choreography.  In addition to mesmerizing theatergoers with their amazing acrobatic and aerial talents, their show further captivates their viewers by offering a behind-the scenes glance into the creative process and the opportunity to share in their beautiful love story.  The result is a stunningly visual and unique production that elevates cruise ship entertainment to new heights and is sure to bring audiences of all ages and backgrounds jumping to their feet!