Opportunities for Earning Points


Submit Student Info Form                                                                                          10

WSYO Rehearsal and Concert Attendance (per event)                                              15

WSO Concert Attendance

            MUTS/Pops                                                                                                    5

            Masterworks (Concert Talk)                                                                           10 (5)

Bluegrass Barbeque (Oct. 2)

            Attendance                                                                                                     15

            Per Adult Ticket Sold                                                                                      20

            Per Child Ticket Sold                                                                                      5

Cocktail party (per ticket)                                                                                           50

Submit End-of-Year Survey                                                                                        10


Note: All WSO concerts, unless otherwise noted, are held at the Capitol Theatre, 1015 Main Street, Wheeling, WV.