WSYO Attendance Policy*

Attendance is your professional responsibility and is critical to musical excellence. Absences from rehearsals are detrimental to the orchestra’s progress and counterproductive to personal growth. We understand that absences may on occasion be unavoidable and have accordingly developed the following policies:

  1. All members are expected to attend all scheduled full orchestra rehearsals and performances.
  2. Absences must be submitted to the Manager one (1) week in advance of the date of the absence.
  3. No member will be excused from a dress rehearsal or any rehearsal scheduled within seven (7) days of a concert.
  4. Missing a dress rehearsal or concert is grounds for dismissal.
  5. Two (2) unexcused absences will result in dismissal from the orchestra.

Exceptions to these policies will be made only under special circumstances, for which a written request must be given to the Manager and subsequently cleared with the Music Director and Conductor.

In case of illness or emergency, please leave a message on the office answering machine (ext. 21) at 304.232.6191.

* This policy is also outlined in the WSYO Handbook.