Symphony Auxiliary Student Volunteer Program

September 2020

The Wheeling Symphony Auxiliary is accepting students in grades 9 through 12 for its Student Volunteer Program.

Volunteering for the Symphony is a great way to help our community, gain good social experience, meet new people, and enjoy wonderful music!

We recognize the importance of being flexible during these ever changing times. For us, this means that the annually held mandatory training session will be put on hold. Training sessions will be held for each particular event based on that events needs.

Interested students who are not currently enrolled in the Student Volunteer Program must send an email to the address below.

Students must include the following information in their email:

Name (First and Last)


Confirm Email Address

***Please note that students are required to have their own email address to participate in the volunteer program. We CANNOT accept family or parental email addresses. If the student uses a Linsly or Central email address they will need to create another email account on gmail or yahoo. We have had trouble in the past with the Linsly and Central servers blocking our emails to the students.

Deadline to register is November 1, 2020

The student can expect to receive a confirmation email with detailed instructions on completing their registration after November 1st.


**Volunteers that attended last years training and are currently enrolled in the program will be automatically renewed for this year.

We hope that you will join us for a wonderful year!


Jennifer Croft

Karen Mead

Danielle Futey

Committee Chairs for the Symphony Auxiliary Student Volunteer Program