WSYO Schedule

Important Information for the Upcoming Year

Rehearsals will be held Monday evenings tentatively at Vance Memorial Presbyterian Church in Wheeling beginning at 7 p.m.

Please know that we are taking all necessary measures to adhere to West Virginia’s health and safety guidelines.  The following plan has been developed to ensure you and your student are safe.  We will need 2-3 parent volunteers to assist with the check-in process at each rehearsal.  Please contact me if you are available to help.

The following safety guidelines will apply to rehearsals and performances.

  • Masks will be required at rehearsals and in-person gatherings until otherwise indicated by the governor of WV.
  • Upon arrival at rehearsal, students, staff and volunteers will be screened with the following questions:
    • Have you or has anyone in your home had contact within the last fourteen days with any person under screening/testing for COVID-19, or with anyone with known or suspected COVID-19?
    • Do you currently have any of the following symptoms?
      • Fever (100.4°F or higher), or a sense of having a fever.
      • New cough that you cannot attribute to another health condition.
      • New shortness of breath that you cannot attribute to another health condition.
      • New sore throat that you cannot attribute to another health condition.
      • New muscle aches (myalgias) that you cannot attribute to another health condition, or that may have been caused by a specific activity (such as physical exercise).
    • If the student, staff member or volunteer answers YES to any of the screening questions, they will be excused from the rehearsal and may not participate.
  • In addition, temperature checks will be administered upon arrival to each rehearsal.
  • If temperature is 100.4 degrees or higher, student/staff/volunteer will have the opportunity to rest before being retested. If the temperature still registers at 100.4 degrees or higher, the student/staff member/volunteer will privately be asked to leave the rehearsal site.
  • Students who are not able to rehearse due to screening, temperature check or illness will not be penalized
  • Social distancing will be enforced by keeping each student at least six feet away from one another.
  • Instrument sections will alternate weeks to allow for proper social distancing and to operate within the current gathering limit of twenty-five people or fewer. The Philharmonic and Sinfonietta will operate on opposite schedules to accommodate any student who wishes to perform in both groups.
  • Violins will meet the first and third Mondays of the month.
  • Violas, cellos, and basses will meet the second and fourth Mondays of the month.
  • Violas, cellos, and basses will meet the first and third Mondays of the month.
  • Violins will meet the second and fourth Mondays of the month.
  • WSYO staff will provide hand sanitizer at each rehearsal and will sanitize each music stand at the end of the evening; students will not share music stands or other equipment.
  • The first rehearsal will be held Monday, September 14.
  • The first parent meeting will be held on Zoom Thursday, September 10 at 7 p.m..  A link will be sent via email, so please make sure we have your contact information. A plan for future parent meetings will be discussed that evening.
  • If any parent is interested in joining the WSYO Steering Committee, please contact us.
  • Please visit this link to download the student information forms.
  • Forms MUST be completed and returned by Monday, September 21, either with your student or scanned and emailed.
  • We require contact information for each student so we can update you should any sudden changes occur with government guidelines.

If government guidelines allow, a Winter Concert will take place in early December.  If an audience is not permitted, the concert will be recorded and distributed to families.